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Leon Ng
Leon Ng
Chief Executive Officer

Early adopter of decentralization technologies. In 2016, he co-founded Beeplus Technology and pioneered the first customized ETH mining rigs in Malaysia, developed industry-leading best practices for operations and maintenance of rigs and promoting and advocating for public adoption of blockchain technology.

With a depth of knowledge that belies his years, he is instrumental in crafting the core directives that drive Acxyn, and a firm believer of tokenized economies to drive real-world industries.

Jayden Lim
Jayden Lim
Chief Operating Officer

Co-founder at Beeplus Technology – a pioneering retailer of ETH and BTC mining rigs in Malaysia. As a savvy investor in the crypto space, over the years, he has invested in multiple ICO projects and operated one of Malaysia’s first ETH OTC operations, developing a strong understanding of market dynamics.

As COO of Acxyn, he brings tremendous industry and insights into how the business is designed, and is instrumental in shaping the unit economics that drive Acxyn’s vision.

Dave Tan
Dave Tan
Chief Technology Officer

A tech-head with a profound understanding of how blockchain ecosystems can thrive with a symbiotic token economy. Spent the last 8 years in some of the top technology firms in the Fortune 50 list, Dave has strong fundamentals in Solidity, Rust, C#, Angular, .Net Core and more.

As CTO at Acxyn, Dave is instrumental in designing the intrinsic architecture and product build for the next generation of game devs to move into Web3.

Jason Loh
Jason Loh
Chief Marketing Officer

Jason has spent the last 5 years of his career developing and implementing communication strategies for a variety of crypto projects, utilising his skills honed as a former professional poker player to great effect.

As CMO, Jason is Acxyn’s brand custodian and responsible in architecting the core strategies that will help grow the Acxyn network, and gain public exposure with the community at large.

John Schneider
John Schneider
Chief Blockchain Officer

A progressive thinker, John is particularly adept at crafting strategies that enhance product and ecosystem development, forging new innovative pathways in the way Acxyn uses blockchain technologies to solve real-world problems and unlock new revenue streams.

As CBO, John designs and defines the Acxyn ecosystem roadmap, its adoption of core technologies, partnerships and its tokenomics.

Jake Cassani
Jake Cassani
Lead Token Engineer

A battle-hardened engineer, Jake brings invaluable experience from his time as a field engineer in the oil industry coupled with his tenure as Chief Technology Officer with Longtail Financial - a premier token engineering firm.

His deep understanding of complex crypto economic systems, mechanism design and game theory will enable Acxyn to push the boundaries and fully realise the value blockchain technology can unlock.

Marvin Das
Marvin Das
Chief Strategy Officer

Serial enterpreneur and a degen, Marv has ventures across diverse sectors from Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR and Blockchain. He's also co-founded AAA, a Web3 company focused on live entertainment and Quurk, a game dev studio building learning games in Web3.

Today he serves as Co-Founder and Advisor at Acxyn, playing an integral part in shaping Acxyn's business design, financial model, narrative and its operations.

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Leon Ng
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Jayden Lim
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Dave Tan
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Jason Loh
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John Schneider
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Jake Cassani
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Marvin Das
CH Ling
Legal Advisor
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